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Sports betting in Canada

Sports betting in Canada

The Canadian gambling market is considered promising due to the high standard of living and gambling of citizens. But interestingly, the Irish are considered the main punters, making up 12% of the country's population.

Gambling has been legalized in Canada since 1999. Since then, each province has applied the law differently. For example, in one locality it was possible to bet on sports from the age of 18, in another - from the age of 19, somewhere the work of sports lotteries was only authorized by state-owned companies.

Since 2009, gambling operators have been issued licenses.

The crux of the problem

A distinctive feature of the Canadian gambling market is that punters must place bets on several events at once. Most often, three or more.

Permission for punters to place bets on only one event (single) and the development of gambling legislation as a whole is on the agenda in the country.

In February it was introduced a draft law on safe and regulated sports, which is a kind of preparation for the abolition of ordinaries and a revision of the rules. This can be achieved by amending the criminal code. However, the consideration of this bill was prevented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the law is passed, gambling will face the following consequences:

• licensing of operators;
• reforming legislation;
• a new approach to industry regulation.

High level of shadow operators

Despite the developed legislation in the field of gambling, Canada was one of the largest gambling markets, which led it to the status of the largest shadow sector.

This is due to the high standard of living of Canadians and reliable payment systems. For example, e-wallets and world-renowned operators of payment transactions approve about 70% of gambling operations.

The government does not block payments, as in many European countries. That is why the lack of regulation negatively affects the protection of the rights of punters. However, do not forget that in this way the budget of Canada is generously replenished.

Development Prospects

A negative factor is that a large part of the money received as a result of gambling activities goes to offshore. An effective fight against unlicensed operators is a major challenge. This requires blocking online platforms and prohibiting financial injections to illegal gaming operators.

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